Blogger says Char Crust® is “Delectable”

Alaina Bullock, author of Bullock’s Buzz blog, says Char Crust® Ginger Teriyaki dry rub seasoning on pork chops and veggies, "has the most incredible taste… not too sweet, nor did it have too much of a bite of ginger." When she used Char Crust® Original Hickory Grilled on chicken breasts, cooking them in her broiler, Bullock notes, "the smell was incredible as it cooked." Bullock says the dry rub seasoning formed a true charred crust, and she notes, "the crust had no burned taste at all, and the meat inside [was] so moist and juicy!"

Thanks, Alaina! We appreciate your kind words, the time you took to review our products, and your photos that accompanied your story. Visit Bullock’s Buzz and see step-by-step photos of Bullock’s cooking experience with Char Crust®.