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Char Crust® Two-fer Brisket

Is your brisket boring? Is your mother-in-law picky? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered! Follow the easy recipe below and you’ll be serving 2, not 1, fabulous briskets for your family dinner. Ingredients: • Brisket (size is up to you) • Char Crust® (choose any 2 flavors) Preheat oven to 300°F Step 1: Place brisket in […]

Char Crust® Steak with Gorgonzola Butter with Lemony Asparagus & Parmesan Thyme Potatoes

Here’s a delicious take on your favorite steak using your favorite Char Crust® seasoning rub and gogonzola-infused butter. Ingredients for 1 Serving: 1    10 oz steak 1    tbsp Char Crust® 2    tsp favorite seasoned salt 4    Asparagus spears 4    Small potatoes, cut in half 1    Scallion, chopped 1    Lemon 1    tbsp grated parmesan cheese […]

A Note for Our Canadian Customers

During a recent audit of our Canadian packaging (with bilingual French/English text), we noticed that mustard was not declared on three of our items that contain trace amounts of mustard. We have corrected our packaging, but if you have any old packaging, either throw it out, or return it to your place of purchase. If you […]

Matt Feltz’s Ribs are Smokin’!

If you love ribs, today is your lucky day! Char Crust® fan Matt Feltz sent in his recipe for fabulous Hickory & Molasses Smoked Ribs, complete with play-by-play photos. Fire up your smoker per your liking, between 225 – 300 depending on your preference. Matt prefers 250 degrees, using an indirect smoker (see photo at […]

Char Crust Wins Gold and Bronze at National Competition

Char Crust Inc. won first and third place for two of its dry-rub seasonings in the National Barbecue Association’s (NBBQA) annual Awards of Excellence (AOE) competition held in Nashville, Tennessee, March 5, 2015. “We’ve placed well in past AOE competitions, but this is our first gold medal. When we got the news, my jaw hit my keyboard,” said […]

Southport Grocery likes our “Juicy” History

Southport Grocery and Cafe is both our neighbor and a fellow champion of specialty foods. We were delighted when they featured us in their recent blog post Visit Southport Grocery and Cafe for delicious made-from-scratch breakfast or lunch, sumptuous party platters, and be sure to shop their shelves of carefully curated specialty foods (including Char […]

Blogger Picks Char Crust® rubs for Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013

Amber MacDonald, author of the blog DragonFlySweetNest, picked Char Crust® dry rubs for her Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013. She and her famliy tried All American Barbecue on ribs, and Roasted Garlic Peppercorn on a T-bone steak. They loved the taste and aroma, plus discovered for themselves that Char Crust® definitely sealed in the juices. […]

WGN-TV: “Mrs. Char Crust” Shares Tailgating Tips

Char Crust® was the focus of a fun "Tailgating Tips" feature on the Midday News on WGN Television, October 23, 2012. Tune in (click the link below) and see "Mrs. Char Crust," with WGN anchor Dina Bair, share some great ideas for your next tailgating party, whether it’s indoors or out!,0,6450744.story

Blogger says Char Crust® is “Delectable”

Alaina Bullock, author of Bullock’s Buzz blog, says Char Crust® Ginger Teriyaki dry rub seasoning on pork chops and veggies, "has the most incredible taste… not too sweet, nor did it have too much of a bite of ginger." When she used Char Crust® Original Hickory Grilled on chicken breasts, cooking them in her broiler, […]

Chicago Tribune Says “Rub It In”

The "Good Eating" section of the April 18, 2012, issue of the Chicago Tribune featured Char Crust® rubs. The Tribune staff not only said, "rub it in," but they also, "liked how Ginger Teriyaki played with a rib-eye [steak], and how Hickory & Molasses sealed in juices on a boneless pork roast."