Blog Says Char Crust® is “Totally Addictive”

We were so surprised and pleased when the blog, "Burp! Where Food Happens," whipped up some scrumptious, creative Char Crust® recipes for vegetables. Char Crust® was originally created to be used on the prime dry-aged steaks served at our family’s legendary Chicago steakhouse, so we’ve been pretty focused on making rubs that are delicious on meat and fish. However, we often find ourselves reaching for Char Crust® when cooking vegetables, making soups, and even tossing it into salads.

The folks at "Burp!" called Char Crust® on veggies, "totally addictive," and "genuinely delicious." Check out their full review of our rubs and their Char Crust® recipes for Roasted Chickpeas, Sweet Potato Fries, Roasted Potatoes, and Roasted Cauliflower, at And be sure to enter their Giveaway Offer for Char Crust® Rubs!