Matt Feltz’s Ribs are Smokin’!


If you love ribs, today is your lucky day! Char Crust® fan Matt Feltz sent in his recipe for fabulous Hickory & Molasses Smoked Ribs, complete with play-by-play photos.

Fire up your smoker per your liking, between 225 – 300 depending on your preference. Matt prefers 250 degrees, using an indirect smoker (see photo at the bottom) and with a blend of Kingsford charcoal and hickory wood.

Using 1/8 cup of Char Crust® Hickory & Molasses seasoning per full  slab of ribs, rub all surfaces of the rib slabs with the Char Crust®.

If you’re following Matt’s preference of 250 degrees of heat, he smokes the rib racks for 3 – 3.5 hours, then image005wraps them for another 1.5 hours.

Mmmmmmmmm… those ribs are smokin!image002image003