Discover a Revolutionary Use for Char Crust!


Char Crust fan Rhonda Betterly wrote to us: 

"My name is Rhonda Betterly, and I am part of a reenacting group that depicts life in Revolutionary time period. We use your product  and love it. I had promised you that I would send photos of us using it in camp and in the tavern at Washington’s Crossing in Pa. Wherever we travel, Char Crust goes with us and, with it, lots of smiles! The participants names are Mark, Mason and Rhonda Betterly, Dee Thompson, Joe and Denise Williams of the Mott’s Artillary Regiment. We just love your product, and when the public asks us what we have on the meat, we are sure to tell them: Char Crust! Thanks for such a great product, now it is in all our homes and ovens, on or off the field. Have a great day!"

Char Crust’s note:

I love this letter and the wonderful photos. A truly "revolutionary" use for Char Crust. Thanks, Rhonda. — Susan (Mrs. Char Crust)


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