Roasted Garlic Peppercorn

Roasted Garlic Peppercorn

Roasted Garlic Peppercorn

Now our best seller! Savory roasted garlic and fresh cracked peppercorns make music in your mouth. With added lilt of worcestershire and lavender, this symphonic sensation creates a crescendo of flavor with steak, lamb, fish (especially salmon), and roasted potatoes. National BBQ Association Award of Excellence

Char Crust Roasted Garlic Peppercorn Char Crust Story

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4 oz.



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3 testimonials about “Roasted Garlic Peppercorn

  1. Deb Gottschlich

    I have found no other product to date that matches the Char Crust products… my personal favorite is the Roasted Garlic Peppercorn. It can be used on any type of meat.
    I’ve been using Char Crust Rubs for many years now. I started using it when we lived in Illinois, and was able to find it at local markets. We now live in Henderson, Nevada, and I just buy it online when needed.
    The Char Crust products are phenomenal! They are full of flavor and spice, but not overwhelming. Additionally, in the past I had occasion to contact Char Crust when trying to find the product. They are personable and still have their friendly family attitude.

    1. Mrs. Char Crust Post author

      Thanks for the glowing review, Deb! We’ll keep working hard to keep you and our other customers happy.

  2. Holly Mandot

    I love your dry rubs. I was working in England three years ago and I ordered several products and had [someone ship them to me] to the U.K. Nothing compares!


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