Roto Roast

Roto Roast

Roto Roast

This one-step, all-purpose roasting rub brings the warm taste of european farmhouse cooking into your kitchen. Hungarian and spanish paprika, french rosemary, italian basil… with 12 other herbs and spices. Helps meat brown faster for juicy results. Perfect on poultry, prime rib, potatoes, and garlic. Note: Although Roto Roast Seals In The Juices®, it does not create the usual Char Crust® effect. Rather, it is more like a gourmet seasoned salt.

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4 oz.



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    1. Mrs. Char Crust Post author

      Thanks, Jeff. Roto Roast has a higher sodium content than our other rubs, so a sprinkle is all you need on steaks. You can use it more heavily on whole roasts or whole birds. Ideal for roasting or rotisserie grilling.


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