Thanksgiving Turkey: Fan Review & Tasty Tips

The Char Crust® family has been using Roto Roast as our secret ingredient to perfectly bronzed birds (chicken, turkey, cornish hen, duck… you name it) since 1957. But don’t just take our word for it, read these tips for that venerable beast for the feast: Thanksgiving Turkey:

“The turkey was FABULOUS! It was my second turkey in a week, but the first I ever did with Char Crust® ROTO ROAST. I used the broth from my first turkey for gravy on the Char Crust turkey, saving the Char Crust drippings for Thanksgiving. I deglazed with white wine, strained out the nasty bits, and refrigerated it. I’m using it in my dressing and my gravy for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I expect rave reviews. The broth is beyond tasty – dark brown & rich with flavor. FYI – I bought my Roto Roast at Sugar Valley Meats in Sugarcreek, Ohio.” — Cathy Wasko Marker 


Cathy “spatchcocked” her turkey, by far our favorite method for achieving perfectly cooked dark and white meat, with the greatest amount of crispy skin. It involves cutting out the backbone of the bird and splaying it out. Although spatchcocking does not result in a turkey presentation of Norman Rockwell fame, one bite and you won’t miss that presentation one bit. We like the easy instructions posted by Kenji Lopez at the Serious Eats blog. Once you click this link below, as you read through his post, you’ll see another link that will bring you to a slideshow with step-by-step pictures.

TASTY CHAR CRUST® TIP: After cutting out the backbone, season all surfaces of the bird liberally with Char Crust® Roto Roast, then mist all over with cooking oil (we like safflower oil) or non-stick spray. Love buttery-browned skin? So do we. Just brush with melted butter during the final 15-20 minutes of cooking.