Original Hickory Grilled

Original Hickory Grilled

Original Hickory Grilled

Rich, hickory grilled flavor. This classy companion to your favorite steak is the original used at Al Farber’s legendary steakhouse. A bit smoky-salty-sweet, it enhances the natural flavor without overwhelming. Also delicious on boneless/skinless chicken breasts, tuna steaks, and your favorite vegetables.

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4 oz.



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2 testimonials about “Original Hickory Grilled

  1. Sam Curro

    Since I found Charcrust over 4 years ago, I have not prepared a steak any other way. No more marinades or any other seasonings, just original hickory Charcrust. I dont even use A-1 anymore.

    1. Mrs. Char Crust Post author

      Thank you, Sam. The Original Char Crust on steaks was the secret to our family’s steakhouse. Yum!


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