Char Crust® Bestsellers Set

Char Crust® Bestsellers Set

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Since 1957, Char Crust has given grill masters, chefs, passionate home cooks, and kitchen rookies alike peace of mind knowing that every meal will turn out bursting with award-winning flavor. 

Simply coat your meat, seafood, vegetable, or plant-based protein with Char Crust, cook, and watch our one-of-a-kind sizzling crust Seal in the Juices and create mouthwatering flavor in minutes. Get started with this best-sellers Starter Set containing a 4 oz Original Hickory Grilled and Roasted Garlic Peppercorn!

How to Use: Just coat your favorite protein with Char Crust (covering all sides), then cook (pan-sear, grill, airfry, bake, smoke, etc.).

Because Char Crust creates our signature crust, use a thermometer to get the perfect temperature.

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