Dry-Rub Seasoning

Seals in the Juices®

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Wings 4-Pack

For crispy, juicy wings

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Seals in the Juices®

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Great taste

"Definitely recommend that every cook or griller have this product on their shelf."

- Carol on Amazon
5 Stars is not enough!

"It keeps all of the juices in your meat and creates an awesome crust that is just delicious."

- T. Ross on Amazon
It's the Best!

"We don't eat meat in our house without loading it up with Char Crust, it's the BEST!"

- Danny Y on Amazon

How to Use Char Crust

Just coat your protein with Char Crust, then cook! It's that easy. Make amazing steaks, chicken, pork chops, ribs, seafood and more.

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Char Crust® Baked Wings

Ingredients: • Chicken Wings • Butter • Char Crust® Dry Rub, any flavor.  These flavors are great on wings:        • Jamaican Jerk        • All...

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