How to Use Char Crust

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Scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

1. Choose your flavor

Our dry rubs are not protein-specific. You can mix and match any Char Crust® flavors with any protein you want.

2. Coat your protein with Char Crust®

Char Crust® works best if you completely coat your protein. This allows the product to create our signature crust that Seals in the Juices®.

3. Cook your protein

You can use Char Crust® with almost any cooking method: grill, broil, pan-sear, air-fry, smoke.

4. Use a meat thermometer

When your protein is cooked, you'll notice it has a dark crust around the outside. That's normal! We recommend using a thermometer to check the temperature.

5. Pair your protein with your favorite meals

Char Crust® is very versatile and can go with many proteins and meals. Find ideas on our recipe page and YouTube page.