Steak Lover's Assortment Pack, 6/4oz

Steak Lover's Assortment Pack, 6/4oz

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Our first Char Crust® rub was created at our family’s fine Chicago steakhouse. Since then we’ve been loved by steak lovers around the world and created many more flavors. Get this pack to create a perfect steakhouse experience in your own home. (We love these flavors on steak but you can use them on other proteins as well!)

Each Steak Lover's Assortment Pack includes one of each:

  • Original Hickory Grilled
  • Roasted Garlic Peppercorn
  • Southwest Chipotle
  • Roto Roast
  • Java Buzz
  • Hickory & Molasses

How to Use: Just coat your favorite protein with Char Crust (covering all sides), then cook (pan-sear, grill, airfry, bake, smoke, etc.).

Because Char Crust creates our signature crust, use a thermometer to get the perfect temperature.

Find recipes here.

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